AUS SUB ONLY, a new submission only tournament debuted in 2017. Co-founded by George and Rafael, the tournament features a round-robin format, no points or advantages, and the winner of each match was to be decided by submission. In the event there is no submission, the referee would determine the winner based on which competitor was more agressive/dominant or came closest to finishing the match by submission. 


When asked about why they decided on the ruleset, "We didn't just want to be another competition with IBJJF rules. Being big fans of submission grappling, we wanted to free up some of the rules as we knew there was a big thirst for relaxed rules. We believe that the submission-only format, makes for more exciting matches where competitors are more focussed on getting the submission and not worrying about points.", said George.

Rafael added, " Our main goal is growing submission grappling in the country, offering a new competition format and motivating athletes and teams to train for this style of jiu-jitsu. At our first event we went on Facebook live and walked around the mats and all we were seeing was submission after submission. At this point, we knew we had made the right decision regarding ruleset."

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Having missed their debut event, Just Jits was determined to be a part of  their future events and after discussion with the guys, we were proud to have been a sponsor for their 2nd and 3rd events in Sydney. 

What we first noticed was the vibe of the event. It felt different to most competitions - more of a day out, less of just a competition. There was a DJ playing cool tunes, a videographer and a photographer moving around the mats, the compulsory acai stall and an abundance of event staff in bright yellow t-shirts helping out and directing competitors. "We have tried to create a BJJ competition that is more of an event where you can come with your friends and family and enjoy a great day out.", said George. We believe they've successfully achieved this. 

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Another thing we noticed was that there were several jiu-jitsu apparel vendors allowed at the event, including us. We conducted a poll on Instagram recently asking "Do you prefer multiple or single vendors at an event?" We received 183 responses and 96% preferred multiple vendors. We weren't surprised, who doesn't like choice? Other competitions should take notice. 

AUS SUB ONLY has also worked on giving out some amazing prizes to the competitors. Their second event featured a male and female open weight division where the winners received flights to the USA to compete on a Fight to Win event have their match streamed on Flograppling. A subsequent event featured a four man division, the winner of which received $1000, and super fights for masters and children.

Winner of Open Division - Livia Gluchowska

"We recognised there were a lack of local events giving competitors a better overall experience and recognition for their efforts. We’ve had great support from everyone so we only want to repay them with better prizes and exposure. In the future our aim is to host a live show with superfights and also fine tune our local comps and go interstate . We are going all out for the next Australian Submission Championship where we will be doing a 8 man invitational of some of the countries best grapplers for a prize of $2000 and the coveted AUS SUB ONLY championship belt", said both George and Rafael. 

Remember the  videographer and photographer we said were roaming the mats at the event?  Well, in addition to the amazing promo videos that AUS SUB ONLY put together in the lead up to their events, they also release a quality highlight video and photographs post event. These always feature a wide array of competitors so you're bound to find a few quality snaps of yourself or your friends.

After a few false starts, AUS SUB ONLY is making good on their promise of going interstate with their first Melbourne event set to take place on 3 June. They will also host their first competition in Queensland later this year.

Registrations have opened for the June 3 tournament and you can register here. Just Jits is again proud to be a sponsor of this growing event and will be there with grappling gear from Australia's favourite home grown brands. We hope to see you there!

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