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Experience the nuanced evolution of design in our 2024 collection, a testament to a decade of unrivaled excellence. Drawing inspiration from the timeless allure of futuristic architecture, our latest logo concept, the "VHTS" letter logo, epitomizes refined sophistication. Delve into our design journey, where discreet details, from understated bar designs to subtle band accents, pay homage to our brand identity while preserving an essence of elegant simplicity. In our relentless pursuit of flawless functionality, we've seamlessly integrated additional mesh fabric for enhanced ventilation, ensuring your comfort without compromising on style. Embrace the serene revolution of performance wear as we invite you to immerse yourself in the understated allure of VHTS.


  • 90% polyester x 10% spandex
  • 180 GSM
  • Polyester mesh fabric
  • Side and Back ventilation system