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Unleash your inner warrior with the FW 23 Lab edition “Biomorphism” Combat Shirts and Shorts – perfect marriage of artistic flair and high-performance design inspired by the captivating world of biomorphism. Our design team at VHTS has ventured into the intricate realms of natural patterns and living organisms to craft a collection that not only exemplifies modern art but also takes combat wear to a whole new level.

Biomorphism, a concept first articulated by British writer Geoffrey Grigson in 1935 and later explored by Alfred H. Barr, finds a powerful expression in our combat shirts and shorts. Celebrating the raw energy of natural life, the Biomorph Elite Collection incorporates organic shapes and a bone structure pattern, drawing inspiration from the fluidity of biology.

Our design team has infused elements of surrealism and Art Nouveau into the Biomorph Elite Collection, creating combat wear that transcends the ordinary. These combat shirts and shorts are not just garments; they are a visual symphony that fuses athleticism with artistic expression.

What sets the FW 23 Lab edition “Biomorphism” Collection apart is our relentless commitment to detail. The bone structure pattern, inspired by architectural aesthetics, isn't just printed but comes to life with a mesmerizing 3D effect. As you step onto the battlefield in our combat shirts and shorts, you're not just preparing for a fight – you're donning functional art that mirrors the beauty of nature.

Elegance meets combat-ready innovation in the FW 23 Lab edition “Biomorphism” Combat Shirts and Shorts. Elevate your combat game with garments that seamlessly merge biomorphism, athletic prowess, and artistic flair. Redefine your combat style with the harmonious union of form and function. Dominate the arena with the FW 23 Lab edition “Biomorphism” Collection by VHTS – where every move is a masterpiece, and every battle is a canvas waiting to be conquered.


  • 4 way stretch soft fabric (80% polyester x 20% lycra)

  • Flat draw string with plastic dip tip

  • Mouth guard pocket

  • Sublimation printing technique

  • Curved side opening

  • Elastic waist band