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Love Noods? We do!

We love our Ramen.

Let's be honest, Ramen is a favourite amongst jiu jitsu practioners. 

Sometimes it's by choice, when you can afford to dine at tasty Ramen establishments and get a taste of their famous offerings. And, other times, a packet of 35 cent Ramen is all the jiu jiteiro can afford. 

Anyway, this one is for Ramen Lovers and one of our favourite releases to date. Show your love for the famed noodle dish on the mats with the LA Ramen or Rooster Ramen no - gi sets. 

This jiu jitsu rashguard is designed to keep you cool and protect against cuts, scrapes and rashes. Pair it up with the Rooster Ramen BJJ Shorts! Rash guard also available in purple, black and yellow. 

This bjj rash guard and grappling shorts offer a unisex fit.

Rooster Ramen BJJ Rashguard Details:

  • High quality polyester/spandex blend material.
  • Resistant to pilling.
  • Moisture wicking fabric to keep you dry
  • Sublimated panels. 
  • Antimicrobial technology inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi.
  • Flatlock stitching for stronger, flexible and more comfortable seams.

Sizing Width (cm) Length (cm) Weight (kg)
X-Small 41 67 48-56
Small 43 68 57-69
Medium 45 69 70-84
Large 47 70 80-95
X-Large 49 71 93-106