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"雖死不敗" is a powerful and evocative phrase that embodies the spirit of resilience, courage, and indomitability.

1. "雖死" (suī sǐ) means "though dead" or "even if one dies." This part of the phrase acknowledges the inevitability of mortality, emphasizing the idea of facing death or the ultimate sacrifice.

2. "不敗" (bù bài) translates to "not defeated" or "undefeated." It signifies the refusal to succumb to defeat or adversity, even in the face of death.

Together, "雖死不敗" encapsulates the idea that one's spirit, ideals, or legacy can endure beyond death, remaining undefeated and immortal. It speaks to the courage to stand firm in one's beliefs, principles, or goals, regardless of the personal cost. This phrase is often associated with heroic figures, martyrs, or individuals who sacrifice themselves for a cause greater than themselves, symbolizing their enduring legacy and influence.


  • 220 GSM Polyester 80% x Lycra 20%
  • PVC triangle logo label with PU leather backing
  • VHTS letter embroidery logo
  • Sublimation printing
  • Side Mesh fabric ventilation system