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Arte Suave BJJ Gi

Embody the essence of "Arte Suave", Portuguese for The Gentle Art, in this BJJ Gi. 

The Arte Suave BJJ Gi is a lightweight and IBJJF-legal gi with a clean, minimal design, ensuring you look sharp on the mats. Both shoulders feature premium 'puffed' embroidery featuring the words 'Arte Suave'.  

Perfect for competition and training, this jiu-jitsu gi provides the benefits of a lightweight construction. This allows for ease of movement and greater comfort during intense sessions. It's light weight also makes it a perfect choice for those training in warm climates and for those needing to shed any weight for the competition scales. 

Key Features:

- Lightweight BJJ gi
- IBJJF approved
- 380GSM pearl weave jacket
- 270GSM (8 oz) cotton gi pants
- Drawstring gi bag
- Reinforced stitching for durability
- Premium puffed style embroidery
- Clean, minimal design


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