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Fabricated from a 450GSM Pearl weave gi fabric, the Atlas premium bjj belts are built to last.

The blend of mid-weight gi fabric used in these belts makes them durable, yet soft enough to allow the belt to stay tied under most conditions. After a considerable period of development, this belt has become a favourite amongst jiu-jitsu competitors. 

Please note that the measurements of the Atlas premium pearl belts are different to their lightweight belts, and are listed below. 

Belt Details

  • Premium Quality Cotton
  • 450 GSM Pearl Weave
  • Superior Durability when compared to standard belts

Approximate Measurements

A0 - 260cm - 102 inches
A1 - 279cm - 109 inches
A2 - 288cm - 113 inches
A3 - 308cm - 121 inches
A4 - 328cm - 129 inches
A5 - 346cm - 136 inches

The premium pearl belts are perfect for your jiu jitsu journey.