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The Pro Standard '23 - Clean. Uncluttered Style. 

The MK '23 is the latest version of our most popular bjj gi, the Pro Standard - with some new features. 

The jacket is constructed from a soft 400GSM pearl weave fabric and features grey and white shoulder embroidery. A branded lapel patch has been added, as has a small patch on the back of the neck. 

The gi's pants have been treated to our newest upgrade. We have paired a rear elastic waist band with an enclosed draw cord. This innovation helps secure the pants better than standard gi pants, and provides additional comfort around the waist.

The pants are made from 10oz cotton and feature a small logo on the shin. 

This light weight kimono is IBJJF approved and comes packed in a gi bag.

The Pro Standard '23 bjj kimono is available now in white , blue and black. 

The gi's jacket is made from a light 400gsm pearl weave material and this is paired with 10 oz cotton twill pants. 

The Pro Standard retains its clean styling with grey and white shoulder embroidery and a branded lapel patch. The pants also feature a small logo on the shin but the newest addition is the elastic waist system featured on the pants of this bjj gi. 

Both elastic and drawstrings are used to secure the pants in place. This provides additional comfort and keeps the pants in place through the toughest training sessions. 

A sublimated gi carry bag is also included, perfect for carrying your gi or other jiu-jitsu accessories. This light weight and IBJJF legal gi is perfect for all your training and competition needs. 

400GSM Pearl Weave Jacket
10 oz Cotton Pants
Elastic Waistband System
Includes Gi Bag